Large course deviations (more than 30 deg) can/should be made when flying cross country to get to better lift on:

Weak days +- 1m/s

Stong days +- 4 m/s

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MGC Front Page

fp3.pngMagalies Gliding Club is situated approximately 50km west-northwest of central Johannesburg and 65km southwest of central Pretoria. (Radio 123.4 Mhz)

MGC operates out of Orient Airfield (FAOI), on weekends and most public holidays.

The Club has around 200 members and a summer weekend will typically see between 100 and 150 starts, including visitors.

Flights of 300 km are regularly achieved and some of our competition pilots have achieved 500 & 750 km flights. We are very fortunate to enjoy some of the best thermal soaring conditions in the world, and most flying days produce powerful thermals of between 1 and 5 meters per second climbs to as high as 15000 feet AMSL.fp1.png

Orient airfield lies at 5100 feet above mean sea level with two parallel 1500m long grass strips laid out 18-36, a cross runway of 700m (11-29) and an emergency strip of 500m.
A short strip, parallel and to the east of the two main 18-36 runways, (36RR) is used exclusively for winch launching and all circuits are conducted to the west of the field.

The club fleet consists of 3 Grob G103 Twins, 3 Grob G102 Astir CS's, 1 Jeans Astir, 1 Super Falke Motor Glider, 1 Piper Super Cub (180 hp) and a Cessna 182 tow Plane.

fp6.pngOur clubhouse has 2 bunkhouses with ablutions, for hire.
The kitchen has been extended and modernised, and the full bar (opened after flying each day) has been improved.

A swimming pool and braai facilities are available to members, and their families and guests. On Saturdays and Sundays the braai fires are prepared beforehand by resident staff and the days flying is discussed in traditional South African fashion.

Lift is entirely thermic. Good summer days usually have a Northerly breeze, 26 to 32 degrees Celsius and cumulus bases at 10000' msl to 15000' msl.

Cloud streets form during the course of the day in an East/West direction and later in the afternoon large Cumulonimbi will advance generally from the southwest providing the carry required for long final glides.

Summer thermal activity gets as good as 5 and 6 m/s and during the winter months good solid 2 m/s may be found under totally cloudless skies. fp5.png

You must be a dues-paying member to use the equipment and facilities except as the guest of a club member, but we do offer introductory training flights as a means of attracting new members. (See the "Come & Fly" link on this website).

Visiting pilots can join as daily members to gain access to club aircraft at club rates and the clubs facilities.

Please note information in this website may change without notice.